I don’t know who am I

But, i know my problem. My problem is not in outer world, but somewhere deep down in me. I want to get reed of it. I want to breath again when I was born, I want to live again like the first day of my life in this world. I have tremendous love for the people and the world. But it has been blocked by my so real delusion of wrong thoughts. Which gives rise to anxiety in me. I am covered with the dark clouds of anxiety, no way to out of it. It seems it will never go away. Though I believe in truth, I believe in goodness, I believe in man kind. It is just matter of time, that truth will catch up with delusion and vanish the dark clouds and bring light of love, oneness and joy within. I pray for this world to be better world. I pray all the delusions of existence will vanish from all our hearts.  


futuristic surrealism doodle in progress


abhavana asked:
Love your blog :) have a wonderful shiny day :)

thx for such kind words… :) 

Benjy Werthiemer on Drum Leraine on Didgeridoo. Fun!